Tatum Zoeee

Podcast Host | Girls Stop Talking

I'm Tatum, a 90's baby, who some would call a borderline Gen Z with a millennial mindset! By day, I'm a proud mom, and a salon owner, and by night, I'm the energetic host of the "Girl Stop Talking" podcast. On my show, I dive into the nitty-gritty of real life, covering everything from sex to mental health. My mission? Empowering women to own their truth, stand in their power, and curate their confidence!

I keep it real and relatable, even when the topics get spicy! From hilarious, comedic takes on my daily life to deep dives into body image and dating. I'm serving up laugh-out-loud anecdotes while exposing the hard truths about life and oversharing my sexual experiences. It's giving big clit energy!